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Cartography and Geoinformation

Cartography has a long tradition in Austria. Together with Switzerland and Germany our country takes a top position in scientific and applied cartography. Vienna offers a speciality: The Department of Geography and Regional Research is the only one in middle europe, where a course in cartography and geoinformation can be choosen as a main course without combinations.

Goal of the master study "Cartography and Geoinformation" at the University of Vienna is to convey deeper knowledge and competences in cartography and geoinformation processing. Scientific as well as applied aspects are in the focus of the courses to prepare the students for their future work life or later phD programmes.

Graduates of the master in cartography and geoinformation at the University of Vienna are able to handle a modern multimedia working environment and all the necessary hard- and software components, for example:

  • to find, evaluate and retrieve suitable geodata with spatial, semantic and temporal reference as object information for modelling and visualization,
  • to handle databases and geographic information systems competently,
  • to handle rule-based graphic data procession in all forms and for all user groups,
  • to be proficient publishing for all types of media, be it print or digital multimedia forms (including web publishing),
  • to critically deal with the social factors and sociopolitical implications of various techniques and methods of processing and visualizing geodata (especially from a gender perspective)


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