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Band 21 "Mountain Cartography. 16 Years ICA Commission on Mountain Cartography"

Herausgegeben von / edited by Karel Kriz

with 22 articles, total 219 pages with
203 color illustrations and 5 tables


    16 Years ICA Commission on Mountain Cartography (1999–2015)

Regional Diversity

  • BAELLA B., and PLA M.: Catalonia, a Mountainous Country: Modelling and Representing Relief in the Products of the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya
  • PETROVIC D.: Mountain Mapping in Slovenia
  • SMITH R., and AITKEN G.: Mapping Mountainous New Zealand
  • NELSON C.O.: Topographic Mapping in Argentina – Taking Special Account of the Andean Regions
  • WHEATE R., FISHER M., HITE M., MITCHELL M., PERRIER G., WIELKE J., and ZEIDLER E.: Mountain Cartography in Canada, 1890–2015

Relief and Rock Representation

  • PATTERSON T.: Relief Presentation on US National Park Service Maps
  • KENNELLY P.J., and STEWART J.: Relief Shading with Sky Models
  • SAMSONOV T., and JENNY B.: Small-scale and Multi-scale Relief Mapping
  • GILGEN J.: An Evaluation of Swiss-Style Rock Drawing
  • GRÜNWALD M., and KRIZ K.: Rock Depiction – A Semi-automated Approach
  • RÄBER S.: Alpine Relief Models

Atlas Mapping

  • HAEBERLING C.: Mountain Maps in School Atlases for Teaching Purposes
  • HURNI L., SIEBER R., CHESNOKOVA O., and RÄBER S.: Mountain Cartography in the Atlas of Switzerland – Looking Back on 15 Years of Development
  • MEACHAM J.E.: Atlases, Mountains, and Yellowstone

Special Topics

  • TAIT A.: Mountain Ski Maps of North America
  • KRIZ K.: Alpine Club Mapping – 150 Years of Cartography
  • MARTÍ G., GARCÍA C., and OLLER P.: The Contribution of Mountain Cartography in Avalanche Forecasting and Prevention in Catalonia
  • ECKERSTORFER M., SOLBØ S.A., and MALNES E.: Using "Structure-from-Motion" Photogrammetry in Mapping Snow Avalanche Debris
  • KAUFMANN V., and KELLERER-PIRKLBAUER A.: Active Rock Glaciers in a Changing Environment. Geomorphometric Quantification and Cartographic Presentation of Rock Glacier Surface Change with Examples from the Hohe Tauern Range, Austria
  • BUCHROITHNER M.F.: Mountain Cartography ‘down under‘ – Speleological 3D Mapping
  • BUCKLEY A.: GIS and Mountain Cartography




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