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Band 18 "Geographical Names as a Part of the Cultural Heritage"

Herausgegeben von Peter Jordan, Hubert Bergmann, Catherine Cheetham und Isolde Hausner

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(A) General and theoretical approaches

KERFOOT, H.: Geographical names and cultural heritage: background information from United Nations (UNCSGN/UNGEGN) materials
WATT, B.: Cultural aspects of place names with special regard to names in indigenous, minority and regional languages
HELLELAND, B.: Place names as a means of landscape identity
JORDAN, P.: Place names as ingredients of space-related identity

(B) National and regional case studies

a. Africa
KHUBHEKA, T.: The South African Geographical Names Database as a tool to record standardisation of geographical names to reflect multiculturalism and multilingualism

b. North Europe
ASLAKSEN, L.M.: Sámi geographical names in Norway
VUOLAB-LOHI, K.: Sámi place names in Finland
NILSSON, L., NYSTRÖM, S. and TORENSJÖ, A.: Swedish place-name legislation and its emphasis on the preservation of geographical names as a part of the nation’s cultural heritage
PAIKKALA, S.: Places, names & stories – a pilot project on geographical names in Finland

c. West Europe
ORMELING, F.: Frisification of the map: democratising public administration
MAC GIOLLA EASPAIG, D.: Ireland’s heritage of geographical names

d. Central Europe
SIEVERS, J., BEINSTEIN, B.E. and ZACHEDDU, P.-G.: Representation and documentation of multilingual geographical names in Germany
BERGMANN, H.: Austria’s multiethnic heritage as reflected by geographical names
RAMPL, G.: Mountain and pasture names of East Tyrol as an example of cultural heritage
KLADNIK, D. and PIPAN, P.: The Bay of Piran (Piranski zaliv): An example of political controversy in geographical names as an expression of cultural relations
BROZOVIC RONCEVIC, D.: Croatian place names as a reflection of regional and national heritage and identity
POKOLY, B. and MIKESY, G.: Geographical names of multi-ethnic areas in western Hungary
DUTKÓ, A.: Changes of Hungarian place names in a political context
CRETAN, R.: Settlement names in Timiş County (Romania) deriving from minority languages
ZYCH, M.: Minority place names in Poland
CEKULA, Z.: Geographical names of Latgale as part of the cultural heritage

e. East and Southeast Europe
HRYTSENKO, P., SOSSA, R. and SYVAK, N.: Preservation of geographical names in Ukraine
CHOLEVA-DIMITROVA, A. and VLAHOVA-ANGELOVA, M.: Standardisation of geographical names in Bulgaria
JACEVA-ULCAR, E.: Geographical names of FYRO Macedonia as part of its cultural heritage
POPOVIC, M.: Continuity and change of Byzantine and Old Slavonic toponyms in the valley of the river Strumica (FYROM)
SOUSTAL, P.: Place names as a source for migration and settlement: continuity and change in Byzantine Chalkidiki
CHRISTODOULOU, M.N.: The safeguarding of geographical names as part of the cultural heritage: the case of Cyprus

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